Sunburst Simply One

Brandilyn Sunburst Drinks Are On Me
GCH Sunburst Simply Irresistible
AON/FN Clear, PRA/PRCD Affected

UNO!! Uno is a gorgeous girl who hates to show. She has several major reserves and a few points. But dog shows make her miserable. So I decided that she is my pet. Uno is another singleton pup that stole my heart. She is my best bed bug and snuggle buddy.

Uno will remain my girl, but I am anxious to see what she can do in the whelping box in the future.


Pedigree of Uno

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Brandilyn Sunburst Drinks Are On Me GCH Ashwind’s Atta Boy CH Golden Gait’s Getting Groovy
CH Ashwind’s Slowhands Lyric
GCH Ashwind’s Raise Your Glass Can Ch/ AM GCHS Gallant Majestic Shaken Not Stirred ECM
CH Ashwind’s Hy Note ECM
GCH Sunburst Simply Irresistible CH Pathfinder’s Tomahawk CH Sugar Creek’s Apache Tear
Sunburst Apple Blossom
CH Sunburst Mayfair Oriental Jade CH Pathfinder’s Wild Blue Yonder
CH Mayfair Sunburst Timeless