Winfree Sunburst Tri To Butter Up


Whelped: 6-25-19
AON clear, Optigen B

Dexter has only been out in two weekends of shows. He has 4 majors! He as of date needs a single to complete his championship. Hopefully shows stay open so we can on the road to finish this boy!!

Dexter is bred by Lisa Ross of Winfree English Cockers



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
CH Winfree Bachelor’s Button GCH Foxwoods Rock Of Cashel CH Portrait Ivywood Midnight Sun
CH Skylarks Foxwoods Perfect Alibi
CH Winfree Pickin’ Wild Flowers CH Scion’s Jokers Wild
CH Winfree’s Cindy Lou Who
CH Winfree Blue Bonnet On It GCH Blueprint Winfree Party Waggon CH Lynann’s Sirocco
CH Blueprint Gift Wrapped
CH Winfree’s Bread And Butter CH Foxwoods After Midnight
CH Winfree’s Cindy Lou Who